Aligning with the pillars of UAE Centennial 2071

The UAE National Strategy for innovation has chosen Health and Technology as one of the seven priority sector for a sustainable future. Aligning to the strategy, the World Biohack Summit will be focusing on the enhancement of the health using technology.

Personalized Medicine:

Biohacking enables personalized medical treatments based on an individual's genes, lifestyle, and environment. This leads to improved health outcomes, reduced healthcare expenses, and more effective treatments for the population.

Prevention of disease:

Biohacking promotes healthy lifestyle choices like exercise, nutrition, and stress reduction techniques for prevention. This reduces the burden on UAE's healthcare system and improves health outcomes and thereby nation’s productivity

Disease Detection:

The advanced concepts of Biohacking can develop innovative technologies for early disease detection, leading to better outcomes, reduced healthcare costs, and early treatments, paving ways for overall mental and physical wellbeing of the citizen


Biohacking facilitates scientific research and innovative medical technology development, which benefits UAE's healthcare system and contributes to its economic growth.

Aligning to the Strategy Track of the Nation’s Vision, the event will stimulate an environment for innovation in the field of health and wellness. With the support of many government initiatives, innovative practices with the support of an integrated system of modern tools, the event can reduce the total reliability of government funds. The summit will be attracting international brands thereby creating a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship through public-private-media partnerships.